“You and your band are awesome….the guys are so sweet and kind and we love you guys!! You are a character and keep us laughing all night.”

“All my friends thought you ROCKED. Thanks for the fun and the dancing.” “We had a GREAT time!!! Enjoyed you guys VERY much…. we will be back again!!!!”

Out of the four originals I heard I honestly think three are top 10 material. Great to see you back at being who you are… An EXCELLENT performer Sam. You’re band is tight. Your voice has REALLY matured into a solid, Sam Harmon, sound of your own. LOOOOVED your voice especially on Teach Me. Wish you guys could get more exposure outside the NW. I think you all could do REALLY well.”

” I love your shows and you make the audience feel like it is one big family rather than a band and then audience.”

“Damn…I wish we would have known you guys were on this Rose festival stage…we wouldn’t have wasted our time at the Rose Festival Countryfest”

“LUVVV these guys! Just look at that adorable cheesy smile on ol’ Sammy (Sam) boy. And they will make you sweat baby shakin’ those tail feathers.”

“Go catch them live before they are off to the big times charging $40+”

“I had a blast too! Great music and good company.”

“THRILLRIDE Tore UP the River Roadhouse!! And best of all? I got to dance with the HOT GIRLS!! Thank You”

“We’ve been coming to Lumpy’s for years…and you guys are our all-time favorites!”

“Awesome show last night especially Cal was in a zone great licks”

I swear… You were born with a mic in your hand… and it was a perfect fit!! You’re the best ! No one has that Sammy charm like you do dude ! Thank you for giving so much of your life to those around you. You are a true blessing my friend !!!”

“We always have a great time at your shows”

What Folks Are Saying…

“Now that’s a band that lays it all on the line and puts on one hellofa show!” – Bite Stage Manager

“I see all the bands that come here, and you guys are my new favorite!” – Some gal that danced all night 

“Damn…wish I would have came here first instead of watching that national act on the other stage. Way more fun!” – Woman who came 1/2 way through show

“By far, the BEST audience response of all 10 days of the Oregon State Fair’s Spirit Stage! VERY fun and entertaining show band.” – Cascade Sound and Lights

“Solid, energetic, crowd-pleasing band and show. Great song mix for the Fair. Wonderfully accommodating, too!  – Leah Perkins, Fair Manager

“Variety is perfect for an eclectic crowd like ours. See you next year.” Gary Friedman – Fair Manager

“Truth is, I had much more fun with these guys than I did listening to most of the National acts I’ve seen lately.” – Elizabeth G

“There are only 2 bands that have a consistent draw…Thrillride is one of them! Their variety keeps everyone happy” – Bartender

“Packed the place with dancing from the first song on. We booked them for 5 more on the spot!” – Owner

“All we were expecting was solid background music for the Portland Roadster Show, and these guys made the place come alive! Fantastic show, awesome music and really professional.  – Owner

“Absolute favorite band we’ve had in 10+ years…and we’ve had them all” – BBSC member

“Very safe bet if you want a band that knows how to get a crowd going. Absolutely know what they are doing and are sure to please! – Terry Amato

“I’ve listened to tons of bands, both local and national, and you guys are now my favorite! You made my [50th] birthday the best birthday i’ve ever had!” – Ed Shaffer, Birthday Boy

“If you live in Portland Oregon you owe it to yourself to see this band. Why? Well certainly for the entertainment and band interaction with the crowd…they play the goodies, the oldies, the newies and the anthems of all genres, plus they allow me to sing a song or two, and that is why! Dancing 101 is a prerequisite!”

“Saturday night you guys ROCKED the place. I got great feedback from the tall bartender, he has worked there for 8 yrs, said your performance, variety and style of music is what caught his attention and he saw how you moved his customers! Then…the finale ..uh huh that’s what Im talking about! Yes as I have said already…but Im saying it again…all thumbs up. absolute best performance. Sam,  Jerry, Cal and Jeff are fantabulous, awesentagious. Talented musicians that topped the night off! And Sam….with your entertaining energy and quick wit spin on the songs you’ve chosen makes it for an eventful evening!”

I finally made it to your show recently. Since my husband passed on December, I didn’t have a desire to do anything but one day, I just had to. Thanks to Rachel and you, I had a blast and forgot my pain for a few hours. Truly gifted artist! Thank you!”

“You guys jump from Rock to funk to country so easily, and all a bunch of stuff we can dance to. Love ya!!!”

“You always put smiles on peoples faces and make us all feel good.”

“Thanks For a great night Gents, you all rocked the house”!

“Had a great time! You guys are terrific!”

“You are soooo awesome. One of these days I will see you again!”

“You all are a class act with a vengeance! The bands unadulterated professionalism, enthusiasm and charisma are the likes of which play at huge arenas! You all never skip a beat and are absolute maestro’s in the art of your specific rock talents. I’ve seen you four times now and every time, you rocked the house and impressed me and everyone around. You all certainly go over and above the call of duty when it comes to putting your heart and soul out on the line time and time again. Thrillride are the bees knees and the cats meow when it comes to rocking your world with a spectrum of familiar hits from the past! The band also plays some of their original masterpieces in the line up as well. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you all play again soon!”

“Our whole band (REMEDY) came by after our early gig and we all had a great time! You are a class act Sam and we all love your band”

“Had a blast..need to do it again!!!”

“If you want Top Quality, High Energy entertainment… Thrillride Delivers !!! I have followed Sam for decades… I am impressed with his ability to connect with every person in the room. Treat yourself to the amazing gift of live music. There’s nothing else like it in the whole world! Go check them out !!!”

 I’ve been lucky enough to see you perform a few times, Sam, and each time you made me feel special and in a dancing mood even though I had been through some very tragic events. You have an amazing soul and the greatest hugs ever!!! Can’t wait to see you again”

“You are one of the very best Sam! I wished the party bus could’ve stayed longer, I really like your band and your energy buddy! I know I will be seeing you very soon! Rock on bro!”