What Is This Crazy Thing Called Thrillride?

A fan once said “your rock has a hint of country, and your country has a hint of rock. We love that!” 

Thrillride has a unique hybrid sound that is a catchy mix of Rock, Funk and Country. It comes across when they play retro rock party songs or rowdy country favorites…this awesome flavor (and their charisma) is what sets Thrillride apart from other bands. An agent once called us a “RockTonk Band”.

What is also magical, is Thrillride’s ability to create shows that can be either rock and/or country to any percentage you’d like. They’ve even done shows at Fairs where one night, we they were a party rock/funk band (clothes and all), and the next night, rowdy Country Band! Worked great and the Fair saved a bunch of money, too!

And ya sure can’t forget their originals. At most shows, they get a bigger response than the favorite cover songs! Each song is a hook-filled good time that sounds like they’ve been on the radio forever.

What Makes Thrillride Unique And Special?

Simply put, Thrillride is a band that is entertaining in a variety of ways! The key word here is “variety”.

Variety Of Music
Massively important, especially if your event or venue has a wide variety of patrons, everyone will get a song they love quickly. And the songs Thrillride play easily and seamlessly cross over!

Variety Of Fun
One of the rare NW bands that is genuinely fun to listen to AND watch! Their enthusiasm, fun and charisma is always appreciated by the crowd.

Thrillride genuinely has fun with the audience and each other during the entire show. They engage and encourage audiences to do the same. It’s like a secret sauce that works wonders every time!

Variety Of Shows
As mentioned, Thrillride can create any kind of show you want. If you hate country, fine…they’ll rock the house down all night long! Got a rowdy rodeo crowd? YeeHaa! they’ll bring the kickers and mix a couple southern rockers in to keep the party going! Family show? Bring the kids, they’ll get them on stage for a show they’ll remember forever!

Variety Of Value
Thrillride works with you to provide great entertainment within your respectable budget. Together, we’ll negotiate a win-win program that will work perfectly!

BlessingWhat Makes Thrillride So Dang Entertaining?

There is a very strong reason why Thrillride is so energetic and interactive at every show: APPRECIATION.

Before every show, the guys have a moment where they get together and discuss their appreciation:

Appreciation #1:
Knowing every person that came to the show could have easily went to hear another band, or chose to be doing something else. So the guys always want to give everyone the best show they can.

Appreciation #2:
Being chosen to perform for an event, venue, party, etc… is a big honor, especially with so many great musicians and bands here in the NW. The band never wants to let the coordinator(s) down. The guys also know that every great show leads to another!

Appreciation #3:
The guys simply enjoy playing together! There is a very special friendship between the band members. each one shares the  thankfulness that they are together. And, each guy is very proud and trustworthy of each other’s musical gifts, and how well they fit together.