NW’s hottest Retro-party band THRILLRIDE’s gonna ROCK, FUNK and/or HONKY-TONK  your world! Featuring the best cross-over party music, delivered with the stage energy and tightness of a national touring act! If ya haven’t experienced THRILLRIDE LIVE…get on it!


Here’s a couple live snippets of the passion and party that you can expect at a Thrillride show!
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Thrillride Buzz

“Now that’s a band that lays it all on the line and put on one hellofa show!”
Bite Stage Manager

David Wall
I finally got the chance to see Sam Harmon and Thrillride last Saturday Night. What a fun, animated and entertaining man Sam is. They put on a great show and are really fun to watch. Check them out when you get the chance. 

“I see all the bands that come to the WILD HORSE CASINO, and you guys are my new favorite!” – Gal that danced all night

“Solid, energetic, crowd-pleasing band and show. Great song mix for the WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIR. Wonderfully accommodating, too! – Leah Perkins, Fair Manager

“Damn…wish I would have came here first instead of watching that national act on the other stage. Way more fun!” 
Woman who came 1/2 way through show

“By far, the BEST audience response of all 10 days of the Oregon State Fair’s Spirit Stage! VERY fun and entertaining show band.” – Cascade Sound and Lights

Tiffanie B.
“Awesome show last night! Cal was in the zone… great licks”

Jeramy T.
“Had a great time! You guys are terrific!”

Brenda G.
“Thanks For a great night Gents, you all rocked the house”!

“Truth is, I had much more fun with these guys than I did listening to most of the National acts I’ve seen lately.” – Elizabeth G

“Variety is perfect for an eclectic crowd like ours. Thanks for a pro show.”
– Gary Friedman – Fair Manager

Susan N.
“YOU are one of the only bands that interacts with the crowd and makes everyone feel special. You are the BEST”

Ed S.
“I’ve listened to tons of bands, both local and national, and you guys are now my favorite! You made my [50th] birthday the best birthday i’ve ever had!”

Nathan B.
“Go catch them live before they are off to the big times.”

Carry W.
“You and your band are awesome….the guys are so sweet and kind and we love you guys!! You are a character and keep us partying all night.”

Lynn R.
“All my friends thought you ROCKED. Thanks for the fun and the dancing.” “We had a GREAT time!!! Enjoyed you guys VERY much…. we will be back again!!!!”

Darrin G
“Watching ya’ll play and the atmosphere that you bring within any establishment it’s just straight electrifying wonderful vibe”

Stephanie G.
” I love your shows and you make the audience feel like it is one big family rather than a band and then audience.”

Linda D.
“You guys never disappoint! You grab ahold of my soul and make me move my feet… Sam, hugs from you are an added bonus and draw us out to see the BEST band ever!!! Thanks for adding life to many of our souls and as long as you guys are playing I will continue to drag people out to hear you play!!”

Micheal S.
“THRILLRIDE Tore up the River Roadhouse!! And best of all… I got to dance with the HOT GIRLS!! Thank You”

Jason R.
“You are one of the very best Sam! I wished the party bus could’ve stayed longer, I really like your band and your energy buddy! I know I will be seeing you very soon! Rock on bro!”