Meet The Boys In The Band

One of the things that makes Thrillride unique is the wild variety of our song choices and the way we deliver the songs. This mostly comes from the personalities and musical background of the boys in the band. Individually, we’re wonderfully different. together, we create this fantastic mix of everything that’s great about music…kinda like a delicious music stew!


Jeff Newman

Drums / Vocals

Jeff gives us that solid rock drive, with a sweet funky touch. And vocally, dude could easily be the lead singer, and is on many songs! You may recognize Jeff because he’s been in a few well known NW bands and still does a gig or two with others in his spare time. He was also in a band with a former Iron Butterfly guitar player for many years.

His influences are big arena rock bands, which is also one of his hobbies: catching dang near every major show that comes through the NW! Loves sports, rafting, camping. Like all the guys in the band, hella-nice guy! Jeff also has a passion for stage lights! He’s always adding to the cool lighting you see at every Thrillride show.


Cal Runia

Guitar / Vocals

OMG! Cal is what the music industry calls an “appendage player”! This means his guitar moves and grooves as if it’s part of his body and soul. He can simply play anything in any style, and is one of the best NW country players, too!

Cal’s an Iowa boy from a very musical family who spent many years touring with a Christian band before settling down here in the great NW.

Quiet guy who is actually a thrillseeker! Loves roller coasters, ziplining and ATVs.

Also is a big supporter of NW live music. going to other band’s shows and enjoying the many talents the NW has to offer.


Sam Harmon

Lead Vocals

Sam simply loves to make people happy. He totally feeds off of seeing people letting their crazy lives take a break while enjoying themselves on the dance floor. A self-admitted hugaholic, Sam’s ready, willing and able to make anyone feel great.

Vocally, He’s a hybrid singer, who isn’t afraid to take on any song. But his background leans toward country. In the 90’s, Sam was singer of a popular NW band called “All Night Cowboys”. They opened for many national acts and even did a USO tour to the Middle East to play for the troops in the 1st Gulf War.

Hobbies include songwriting, drawing, model car building, hiking, fishing, cars, and comedy.


Jerry Skol

Bass / Vocals

Born to rock…that’s our Jerry! This Detroit guy has performed with half of the million seller band “Frijid Pink”. His music has played all over the world in movies like “Ski School” and “A Moment of Passion”. Jerry’s main influence growing up in Detroit would be Motown. Hobbies include songwriting and producing new music groups. Many of Thrillride’s originals are Jerry’s!

Although you wouldn’t know it from the fun party songs he writes, he’s actually an easy-going, quiet soul that is always ready with a smile and kindness. But on-stage, the boy makes that bass and band come alive!